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As a Project Coordinator at Xylos, it’s my job to continuously inform different colleagues about the current actions and projects. As usual, and with this in mind, I was composing my email with news about the latest state of affairs. However, by Friday I will be having a few new items to report, nd I was wondering whether sending that single update ‘now’ would be the best time to do so, as we already receive so many emails. My message was ready to send, however, I wanted to delay sending it.

Fortunately, Outlook has a handy functionality: the ‘Delay delivery’ option! This way, you can already compose and schedule your e-mail, and still adjust it if you think of something else. How you ask?

  • Before sending the message, go to “Options” – “Delay Delivery”.
  • Select “Do not deliver before” and enter date and time.
  • Then simply click on “Send”. Not to worry, your email won’t leave the Outbox until the time you have specified. Convenient, right?
  • Do you want to change anything? You will find your e-mail in your Outbox. Click it open, let your text go and click “Send” again.

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