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Microsoft Teams lets you use @mentions by default. With this feature, you can mention a team to let every team member receive a notification, such as @demoteam. If you mention a channel in a Team (like @testchannel), everyone who has this channel listed in their Favourites gets a notification.

Most Teams users already know about these functionalities. But did you also know that you can create a group of people yourself? If you mention this group, only the people you’ve selected will be notified about the message you’ve posted for them in the Team or channel.

Why is this useful? Imagine you’ve got a team of warehouse workers and orderpickers. With a custom @warehouse mention, you could easily send a message to everyone who works in the warehouse.

How do you create a custom group tag in Teams?

Go to the three dots behind the Team and click ‘Manage Tags’.

You’ll see a window with all current tags. Click ‘Create Tag’ Name your Tag and add the people you want to link to it.

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