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Mail that goes missing, tasks that slip through the net, issues that are ambiguous. Sometimes, during a project, you can easily lose sight of the bigger picture, but fortunately Microsoft Planner puts an end to all that. In this blog, I’ll be teaching you the basics of Planner: creating a plan, sharing it with colleagues and setting up a task.

How do you create a plan?

In the top left of the home page, you will see New Plan. Click on this. Enter a name for your plan, and choose whether you want to create a public or private project. Next, choose a classification and, if necessary, write a plan description. Your plan has now been created. You can start completing all the details.

How do you share a plan with your colleagues?

Select the plan you want to work on. In the summary, you will see Membersat the top right. Click the arrow next to it and enter the name of the colleague you want to share it with. Click on your colleague and, voila, you have shared your plan.

How do you create a task within your plan?

In the plan overview, you will see Tasks on the left. Click on the ‘plus’ symbol, enter a task name, set a due date and then click on Assignto assign the task to a colleague. Finally, click Add taskto enter the task in the system. The task can now be found at the bottom of the task block.

Why do I enjoy working with Planner?

  • Wherever you are, you always have access to your projects and tasks. Please note: Planner is an online tool, so you need to be online.
  • You can link Planner to Groups or Teams. When you create a new plan or project in Planner, a group with the same name is created in Groups or Teams, and vice versa.
  • You decide who has access to your plan, depending on the type of plan you create (private or public).

Now you know how to create a plan and tasks in Planner, you and your colleagues can get started. Collaborating was never this easy!

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Do you have any questions about this blog post, another question about Planner, or would you like to see a particular functionality explained in a blog post? Then be sure to leave a comment.


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