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Partena & Parentia employees migrate to the cloud with 1 Workplace roadshows

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Partena & Parentia developed their 1 Workplace project with two goals in mind: to migrate to the cloud with Microsoft 365 and to diminish their Citrix environment. They organised roadshows to inform all employees about the new way of working and to guide their first steps into their new work routine. To carry out this project, they partnered up with Xylos after having previously had good experiences with our Learning experts through Digital Coaching. 

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The goals for the 1 Workplace roadshows were:

  • To inform employees and make them excited about the new possibilities that came with the 1 Workplace project, and
  • To help people get started with their new laptop. The trainers made sure specific settings like language, printers and shortcuts were configured correctly.

The roadshows were a resounding success:

our Xylos trainers conducted two demo sessions per day in different locations across Belgium, in Dutch as well as in French. They showed employees how to collaborate in the cloud. How do you handle personal documents, for example? In which ways can you collaborate with colleagues? Where do you put information that’s useful for the entire company?

The trainers also explained what would change when the Citrix environment is phased out, like smoother calls and faster Internet access. The IT department could look forward to several beneficial changes as well, such as easier workplace and app management.

Kurt, one of the trainers involved in the project, summarized it as follows:

“I’ve conducted no less than 47 demos about 1 Workplace. During these sessions, I met about 700 Partena employees, and their positive attitude about embracing the new way of working immediately stood out to me. It made my job as a trainer very enjoyable.”

Partena & Parentia are also satisfied with how the project was carried out:

“Partly thanks to Xylos’s enthusiasm, we immediately had a good feeling about this project. It was clear that they were a partner who could make this story a success. Barring some small changes, our envisioned planning was fully adhered to thanks to their flexibility. Getting over 1400 employees across Belgium up to speed in just three months is not an easy job. But after every roadshow, our employees thanked Xylos’s coaches for their professionalism, their fun approach, their clear and understandable presentation and their patience during each hands-on demo.”

Giovanni Praet – Project Manager Partena/Parentia

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