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First impressions are incredibly important. hey can really make you – and your company or project. he goal is to bring your message in an appealing way and show your professional skills at the same time, so that you and your project stick with your audience. Knowing your way around PowerPoint will help you to achieve this. So how do you enhance your presentation?

Animate your presentation

PowerPoint animations are visual effects you can add to elements in a slide (blur, change colours, jump, enlarge, shrink, …). Every time you click, something changes.

This is useful when you want to sum things up. You click: the first bullet appears. Click again: the second bullet floats into view. There are dozens of possibilities to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out.

How can you add such an animation? Select the text box or object you want to animate, then click Animations in the top bar. The possible options are divided into four categories: Entrance Effects, Emphasis Effects, Exit Effects, or Motion Paths. You can even combine several animations and choose the order in which they appear.

Collaborate on your presentation online

What if you need feedback on your PowerPoint work? Do you and your colleagues want to work on slides together? No problem! You can give other people access to revise or comment on your work in PowerPoint. You can even combine slides from different presentations.

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