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We often look at the data in a Power BI report and take action based on what we see.

If I pull a list of pending tasks from a report and filter them based on their due date or priority, I’ll likely see a few urgent tasks and want to send out reminders to the colleagues they’re assigned to. Of course, I could write a new e-mail for every task and include the necessary details manually – but that would be an incredibly time-consuming and tedious job, wouldn’t it?

Luckily, we can count on Power Automate to make things easy for us.

Here’s my data in Power BI:

The list contains three High Priority tasks, which I can select with a filter I’ve created in the Priority field. Now I want to add a button with which I can immediately send task reminders to the assigned colleagues.

Start by setting up a Power Automate visual. You’ll find these in the Visualizations Panel to the right.

The following step-by-step instructions will appear to help you link a flow (an automated process in Power Automate) to a button in Power BI:

Step 1: Add all relevant data into the visual. For my e-mail, I’ll need the assigned co-worker, task name, bucket and due date, so these are the fields I’ll add to my visual.

Step 2: click the three-dot icon to edit the flow.

You’ll be redirected to Power Automate. Click New, then click Instant Cloud Flow

Choose New Step and select the Office 365 Outlook connector with the action “Send an email (V2)”.

Fill out the fields in your e-mail action (Subject, To, and Body) as follows:

The “Apply to each” action will pop up automatically because Power Automate knows that you can select multiple tasks in Power BI, so it will send an e-mail for each selected action.

Click Save and Apply to test your flow!
That’s all there is to it. Don’t forget to share the flow with your colleagues if they’d like to use this button as well.
Do you want to keep customers informed about pending orders or let users know their ticket has been successfully received? If so, this is the solution for you!
Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to sending out an e-mail. Power Automate also lets you send Teams messages, create SharePoint items, fill out Excel Online tables, and even plan meetings automatically.
And you can do it all without ever leaving Power BI!
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