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To-do lists have become a vital part of our daily lives. There are countless things we need to keep track of: social activities, work, household chores, administration… How could a list make it easier to remember everything? Well, just try Microsoft To Do.

To Do is the successor of Wunderlist. If you’ve used Wunderlist before, you’ll recognise a number of features. For example, if you open the app in the morning, it’ll suggest things you can do that day. If you sometimes find yourself wondering where to start, this is incredibly helpful. To Do is a task planner for Android and iOS. This tool creates tasks with reminders and due dates.

What do we like about Microsoft To Do?

  1. It helps you plan your day: the ‘My Day’ view includes personal suggestions to adapt my daily task list.
  2. It’s available on every device: you can see your lists and tasks on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, whether you’re at work, at home or on the road.
  3. You can easily share your list with colleagues.
  4. You can structure complex tasks by:
    • Breaking them up into a manageable step-by-step plan
    • Adding due dates
    • Setting reminders
  5. The app is integrated with Outlook tasks, so you can manage all your tasks in one place.

Do you have any questions about Microsoft To Do or another Office (365) tool? Ask us in the comments below.


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