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Imagine this: you’re at home or on vacation and suddenly, you have an epiphany about a project at work. Of course, you’d want to write it down ASAP so that you don’t forget it. But did you know you can also enter your idea directly into the work document? If your document is saved to OneDrive, you can access it anywhere – even on your smartphone. ust log in, locate the file and add your idea. Need more reasons why OneDrive is so interesting? Let’s see…

1. Less e-mails, better overview

When you and your colleagues collaborate on a project, you’ll inevitably receive a lot of e-mails containing updates to work documents. But which version is the most recent one? But which version is the most recent one? And how do you incorporate multiple people’s changes into one file as efficiently as possible? What about files that grow too large to send via e-mail? You get the idea: this isn’t quite the most well-ordered way to work.

Fortunately, the Office 365 package includes OneDrive for Business. With OneDrive, you’ll enjoy less e-mail traffic and a clearer overview. This online tool saves your files to the cloud, so that everyone can access the same file and any changes are saved directly to it. If you open a file, you’ll always see the most recent version. And if you want to recover something from a previous version, don’t panic: the edited versions are saved too, so you can easily access them.

2. Access your documents from any device

Whether you’re working on a PC, laptop or tablet, you can always access your files on OneDrive. Even from your smartphone. Want to quickly change something on your way home from work? No problem. Got some holiday pictures you want to show on a friend’s computer? Go ahead.

3. You decide who can access what

When you upload a file to OneDrive, you can select access permissions. How? Simply right-click the file you want to share and click Share to send out e-mail invitations. You can also decide whether someone can see the file as read-only or edit it.

4. You can edit files offline

Even if you’re not connected to the internet, you can still edit your files in OneDrive. Your changes are saved and will be automatically synchronised as soon as you connect to the internet. That way, other people with access to the file will always see the latest version.

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