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Do you have some experience using Access, but feel like you could still use some tips to handle formatting? Read on for three tips that are sure to help you – and keep an eye on our blog in the next two weeks as well.

Tip 1: Add highlights with conditional formatting

You can use conditional formatting to highlight certain data – for example, by changing the background colour of a field depending on its content. You can also make text bold, underlined, change its colour, etc. The choice is yours.

For example: you’ve made a price list of your products and you want to highlight products that cost less than 20 euros by changing the background colour of these prices to green. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to HOME, click View and then click Design View.
  • Click the control of the prices (select the fields containing a price).
  • Go to the Form Layout Tools tab and click Conditional Formatting.
  • In the window that opens, create the following new rule:
  • Click the Background Colour icon and pick a colour – green, for example.

There you go: prices under 20 euros are now highlighted in green in your document.

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