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Edge Chromium was recently made a lot smarter, which means users can now get a lot more out of it!

In this post, I’ll share my three favourite new Edge Chromium features.

Tip 1: Load a website automatically when you open Edge Chromium

Apart from the familiar ‘mark as favourite’ option, Edge Chromium now also offers the option to ‘pin’ tabs.

What’s the difference between a favourite page and a pinned tab?

If you bookmark a page, you need to open it manually when you want to revisit it later. If you pin a website, it’ll load automatically every time you open Edge Chromium.

To pin a website, right-click the tab and select ‘Pin’. Click ‘Unpin’ to remove the pin.

It’s a simple, but very useful trick!

Tip 2: Put tabs in a group

You can now put several tabs together in a group. How? Press and hold the CTRL key to select the relevant tabs, click ‘Add tabs to group’ and choose a new or existing group. You can also assign a colour to each group.

Why is this useful? Because you can always add new tabs to a group of related websites and apply new features to them.

  • New tab in group
  • Ungroup
  • Close group
  • Move group to new window

Tip 3: Install a web page as an application

Do you often visit one particular web page? install it as an app for easy access! With this new feature, you can download web pages as web apps. These can be pinned to your taskbar and will open in their own web app window instead of in your browser! If you need quick access to certain web pages, this is your solution.

How do you do this?

Visit the web page you’d like to access as an app. Click the three-dot icon to the right and select ‘Apps’.

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